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The weekend after the accident is a blur. So much pain, so many people. There is something that stands out in our memory, however. Next door lives a generous-hearted young man who is a friend of Brad and Jessie's - he wrote this song and gave us the gift of singing it to us that weekend...

Many months later there was a knock at our door - it was San with a CD in his hand.  He had put his words to music and recorded it for us.  

On June 23, 2001, San sang his song live at Jessie's Memorial Volleyball Tournament.  At the end of the song we released butterflies.  It was a powerful and moving tribute.

San - thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Here are the words....

How Many Times

A kind hearted young girl with an innocent case

Beauty like an angel, sunshine in the face

Always quick to help anybody that was in need

It was obvious that she had a generous seed

Planted deep in her heart from the day she was born

Jessica, I still can't believe that you're gone

Hard seasons would pass, many years would go by

But she still had that compassionate look in her eye

We all miss you very much, your mom and your dad

All your relatives and your loving brother Brad

We wish you were here to see another sunrise

Friends and family gathered to say our good-byes

Dry eyes can't be seen as we shed tears for you

Intelligent, kind hearted and you were beautiful too

How many times, how many times




How many times have I seen that pretty smile on your face

How many times have I seen you walk your dog by my place

How many times have I come to your house and you open the door

How many times have I seen you at the basketball court

How many times will we miss you and wish you were here

How many times will we express our love through our tears

How many times, how many times



I remember when you came to the basketball court

While me and Jon and others played our favorite sport

Seeing your face in that place always brightened my day

Walkin' up to the court askin' "Can I play"

Jessica, your personality was truly genuine

The truth about the matter is you are one of a kind

What I wouldn't give to see you just one more time

Everyone is crying, trying to face the facts

Can't even express in words how much we want you back

Even though you're gone we will never be apart

We will always have a little piece of you in our heart

How many times, how many times






This last verse is for all those who were close to her

I know that you want her back and I know it could hurt

I know that inside it can tear you apart

I know the tremendous pain it can cause in your heart

You might not think that you'll ever be happy again

It will take time, but it will happen my friend

The truth is it may not happen soon

But remember these words, "Time.heals.all.wounds"






"Even though you are gone we are never apart, we will always carry you in our heart"   San Pathak