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Travis Jones created an email that was sent out to Jessica's friends. In the email they could write Jessica messages on how they felt. Below is a copy of the email that Travis started. 

In Memory of Jess

~Travis Jones~ I miss you Jess, I love you so much. When you were here, I considered you one of my best friends. There are so many memories that I have of when me and you were together. When you were here, those were probably the best times I ever had. When you died, a part of all of us died to. I will never forget you. I'll see you when i get there. I love you always and forever.

~Lauren Putman~ Hope ur doing well Jessica <3
~Ashlee Specht~ I miss you Jess, I will think about you when all-stars come up in softball!!! ~
~Erk~ I miss ya jess, i still remember when u saved us from coop, luv u always
~King~ Everyone misses you jess, hope you are watchin over all of us, always love u.
~Alison Conway~I love you Jess, i'll never forget you
~jeanne moyer~ Jess i will never forget the friendship we had, even though the last year we weren't as close i never forgot you, and i will never forget you. sometimes i sit in my room and think about all the fun times we had together, like this last winter when we went in the snow, i will have to say that was one of the times i think about when i hear your name and just look at pictures, and that day we also had a very memorable conversation, it was about how me you Jared Steve Scott had drifted apart, and me and you both knew it was none of our faults. but if i could change 1 thing right now it would be that that had never happened and that me and you were still good friends! and also i remember the time we had are birthday party together!!! me and you both had a lot of fun!!!Jess i guess all i am saying is i love you and miss you soo much,,,much love to you up at heaven and to your parents and brother and Susie:)
~David Baldwin~- i miss u jessica and wish i couldve known u better
~Kelly Grimes~ Jessie, I miss you and I'll never forget all the memories we shared, I love you
~Jimmy Hammond, Donnie Wilhelm, Billy Kruger, Nathen Miller- We miss u a lot, we think about u constantly and will never forget u. <3 u always an forever.
~Megan Morrissette~~I love u Jess!!!
~Emily Maynard~I miss you so much. Watch over us!! I love you sweetie
~Erin Roelke~ you will always be in my heart and mind forever
~Lauren Korolevich (aka.. you little sister)~i love you and miss you soo much i hope you like it up there... if i die i will be happy.. if i stay alive i wil be happy .. but i will be happier when i die. so i can see you again so we can catch up. and have the fun times we had together again.. but when we share our times together it would mean alot more than it used too. Much love..Lauren..Your little sis..<3
*susie korolevich*jessica you mean the world to me and i'll never forget the day we first met in mrs.knipes class or anyother day we have spent together for the last 6 were so much more then just a friend i could hang out with or just a best friend, you were so much more to me then just a sister--you touched me in ways that no one else ever could and i thank you for that. i will and have missed every second that you have been gone. i love you forver and ever.<3
~Matt Rempe~Ill always be missing you Jess. I hope we can meet in the sky, you'll always be my butterfly.
Heather Gibbons~~~I'll never forget you....I love you with all my heart....i'll see you when i get there babe.
*Ashley Gibbons`*~*~*~*~*~*~*~Jess I love ya much hopefully i'll see ya in heaven someday! i'll miss you forever!
~michael west ~i alway always miss u and i will never forget you i love you soo much
~Kathryn pickett~ i miss u so much girl i think of u every day i will always love u jess #5 <3 ya lotz and alwyas
~roarke mcnaught~: hey jess i just wanted to tell you that u touched my heart so much, and i love you more than anything, i miss you, and i know ur in a better place, i never gave you these 2 notes i wrote you while i was at a basketball tournament in philadelphia, i wish i would have given them to you, i love you jess, and i cant wait till i can come and see you in heaven, i pray for you everynite and i'll keep on praying love roarke >>
*Jessica Ambush* Well girl i didnt know you that well but from what i did know of you.. you were a great person. no one really knows why god takes us at awkward times but he always has a good reason. we all can wait till we can see you up there but until that day, keep watching over us and continue to send those angels to us! and i know you're an angel for many of us down here! We love you and we miss you very much!!
Megan Melcher- I miss you Jess and I'm thinkin of you. Love you!
Danny Hawkins- i miss you jess and love you with all my heart. Love Always & Forever.
~Kelly Husser~ Jessica, I will always remember you, you have been in my life since you were born and I will never forget all the times that we played together when we were little, or when we joked about how we wanted to be sister in laws. You've touched my life forever. I love you, and miss you! I hope you are doing great.
~Meghan Hessler~ Jessica I know that we had our rough times but I really miss you. Everytime I saw you with your friends you all were laughing. You made so many people happy. You had the gift to do that. I wish that we could have been better friends. Even though we weren't real good friends I think of the memories that I do have of you. Like when you and my brother were talking, and one time when I was upset about Steve you helped me out. I never got to thank you for that. You sorta regret these things after its to late. Things just aren't the same with out you here. We all miss you so much Jess. Love you lots Jess!!
~Alison Mann: If i had one last chance to talk to Jess, I would say that I am sorry for anything I said or did that was rude. I know that we weren't the best of friends, but I don't know if she realized that I really did care about her. While we were on the basketball team, we cheered each other up and there is just too many good things she did for me I can't list them all. I miss you Jess and I can't wait to see you again. God Bless You.
Lindsey Hausler- Jess~ I really miss u! I know we had our times but somehow we worked through them and became friends. I wish that we would have had more time to talk and share our secrets with one another. Its basketball season again and now i wish that we were sitting the bench together again. hahha everyone misses u!! i hope u are doing great. U will always be in my heart and my thoughts. Luv U~
Ryan Murphy- Hey Jess! Well i hope ur doing good up there, i know ur doing a lot better than all of us. I was so happy before school that i was going to be in High school with you and Brad, i was so excited. But the night when you had the accident I had the orientation. The only thing i could think about that whole night was you!! I just prayed to God that u would be ok. And all the people who know you (which is alot) were thiniking bout you 2 and they hoped that you would be ok. And all your friends have been so nice 2 your mom, dad, brad and me i thank EVERYONE so much who has helped our whole family get through this tough situation. So Jess to keep this short I LOVE YOU and i cant wait till i see u again. And we MISS U SO MUCH. Byeby
***Rebecca Tantillo***JESSICA---Hey chic sorry I never made it up this summer before anything happened and I never made it up there to visit you and your family after everything but I want you to know that I think about you everyday and I've changed my volleyball number to 5 just for you chica!! but tell your family that I want to talk to them but there are alot of hard time in my house right now too and I have had another friend and my grandfather then you all leave me this past summer and moving also contributed so tell them I want to talk to them soon as I get the chance to strenghten up !! Love ya!!
~Kate Nielubowski~Jess your alwayz gonna be in my heart.You'll never be forgotten and you will alwayz be remembered . You touched many peoples hearts and were alwayz there when someone needed you. You were a great friend to have. i wish we could have gotten closer but i am happy with how close we did get. Missing u alwayz grl ~luv ya
~Jessica Lazzaro~- Hi jess! I just wanted to say that even though you and i never got to be as close as i wanted to be i really treasured your friendship. And i'm glad that we got to hang out those few times over the summer. Like at the walkersville carnival when someone spilt soda all over you pants! And our interesting church retreat!!! We had some fun times :) You were always so nice to me, and i miss being able to see and talk to you. I remember the day that i went to the hospital to see you. My sister, Melissa, and I were bringing you a green scapula to give you strenth to recover. But as soon as we got there we found out the devastating news. I was glad the doctors let me into your room to say goodbye. I will never forget it, the priests leaned me over the side of your bed so i could kiss your forehead, and then he made me leave. You looked so peaceful. I hope you are enjoying yourself in heaven, because i know thats where you belong. Jess, i love and miss you so much. I can't wait unil we meet again.
~Sheana Knighton~- let's see... where do I even begin. When we first met we hated eachother because we were so alike and we didn't want that. Then we became so close, and spent a lot of time together. I moved into your math class and we sat next to eachother and became even closer! My life went straight up when I met you.... then I switched schools. We lost touch, lost friendship, lost memories, lost time together. When we started high school I thought maybe we could make-up for lost time, but I was busy with my stuff, and you with yours. The last time I actually was able to laugh with you and have fun with you was when we went to the movies together, and Shell got her nails done.. remember? we kept picking out the ugly nail colors for Shell. haha! That was fun... I found out the bad news while I was on vacation, don't worry you didn't ruin anything, I only remembered the good memories of us. I regret everyday that went by that I didn't talk to you. I am so sorry jessica, I love you soo much. I miss you too. I can't wait till I get you see you again. "Some say it wasn't worth the things we went through. I say it ain't worth losing you. I hope you know how much you've changed all our lives, someday you'll see. If only through heaven's eyes." I love you!
~Kristen Palm~Hey hunny!!!~how is everything going on up there???~i hope that everything is great~i just wanted to let you know that i miss so very much~i think about u every day and every second~i really missed you this year at volleyball~everytime i played i played for you~i tried my hardest~and as i am sure that you know~we lost in the semi-finals~but n*e*wayz~right now i am cherishing every moment that we shared together~when we first met each other~and we started to become really good friends~i wanted to come and see you at the hospital but i know that it was to hard for me to~and now i regret not coming and saying goodbye~but i have been up to your house and i got to go up in your room~i just layed on your bed and thought about all the good times that we shared~i miss it~and just to let you know i can't wait until i can see you again~if i could i would do it right now~i just wanted to let you know that i love you and i will alwayz remember you <3 ya alwayz and forever!!!!!
Danielle Grooms: Jess, I miss you soo much, along with everyone else. I know you are watching over everyone and keeping them safe...thank you! We have shared so many memories, and I keep them very close to my heart. There isn't a day that has past that I don't think of you~You had a smile on your face that no one could every forget...and I know I never will! You touched so many people's lives, and still are. That just goes to show what a wonderful friend you are! I LOVE YOU! See you when I get there, love you always and forever!!
~Kristi Houck - Jess.. We'll what can i say I miss ya girl.. Even though we only had 1 class together and only talked sometimes I still <3 & miss you LOTS!! I'll always remember the last moment i had with you which was when you came to visit everyone from TJ and when you saw me you ran up to me and gave me a huge hug.. I hope your doing great and I know your watching out for all of us.. I guess I'll see ya when i get there.. MUCH <3
~Rashad McDaniel~ I will always miss coming into your classes to make sure that no one was flirting with you and to see how you were doing everyday. It was so funny to see how all the guys in your classes would be so quiet and would turn around in their seats when I would walk in the class room so I wouldn't give them dirty looks for giving you those annoying stares. I will always miss that, but more importantly, I will always miss and love you.
Kristin Olson~ Jessica~ I know we were never the closest of friends, and that is somethign that I will always regret. I can see from everyone that was the closest with you that you were so special. I remember the time we got dropped of at your house and hung out for a little while, and everything else we did together. I wish I could talk to you one last time, just to get to know you more and say sorry for anything I did to you that were rude. :*( I hope you are doing great up there, and I cant wait until I can join you. Love and miss you , Kristin <3 God bless you.
~Rebecca Lynch~...jess...everyone misses you. good luck.
~Megan Melcher~Jess, you're in my heart and I'm thinking of you all the time. I wish we could have become closer but I am so grateful for the friendship that we did have and all the fun times I shared with you. You were such a great person and friend. I miss you so much and I love you!
Chad D'Amore~ Wow! I never thought this could happen to a person so close to me. Know this though, we are family and we will always be family and with that comes special bonds that even death can not break, love. I love you Jess and I will love you Always and Forever.
~Stephanie Rempe~ Jess, I miss you soo much sweetie,This is such a shock to everyone, but even in your death the happiness and joy that you brought to us all continues. I'll never forget the memories we shared, you were a great friend. I love you always, <3 Steph

*Binky (Melissa) Parsley* Hey Jess, how are you up there? I miss you so much. I will never ever in my whole entire life be able to forget you or all of the many things that we have done together. I can remember those good old days in Frederick town village when we would have bike parades and eat Popsicle's. You will always be the #1 setter. You were so talented in so many ways. You were so great at just being you. Whether it was in making us laugh or talking in that funny voice that I could never do you were happy. At a tournament we had the water fight and had to ride home soaked. Do you remember when we were at that one tournament out side bursting Ketchup packs? Mine burst on your new shoe. That one time when you got pushed off of the bleachers, man was that scary. You were the best at softball too. I remember the all star game when we lost and your family started up the Binky thing. I am glad that they did because now it will always remind me of you. I am so glad to have been able to spend those days at camp with you before you left. I will never forget the crooked ice cream or the faces in it. The messed up hair or the laser light. I have so many memories of you Jess I will never forget them or be able to tell them all. I will always love you Jessie.
~Jamie Misotti~ Jessie* Hey girl. I know we didn't know each other very well, but I want you to know that I really miss you. You were always so nice to me whenever I was at your house or when you were at mine. I really cherish those few memories together. I guess I never really realized how much a very small friendship with you could mean until you were gone. Anyways, I want you to know that I love you with all my heart, and you and your family are in my heart and prayers. Please watch over me, and I will see you again in Heaven some day. I love you. You are my butterfly forever and always. <3* |>